About South Coast Controls

Family owned and operated since our inception, South Coast Controls Inc has always had very active participation from our owners.

Until his passing in 2014 Harry Ellis Sr. remained very active within our organization alongside his namesake Harry Ellis Jr. Envisioning a counterpart to his original start up Coast Pneumatics Inc. Mr. Ellis entrusted his son and our head engineer, Scott McLain with creating a business that could service other industries and provide support for his total solution vision.

Currently our business employs two generations of the founding Ellis family in various roles including sales, marketing and purchasing. We firmly believe that our personal investment and involvement within our company has helped us excel into one of our most profitable years to date.

Advantages of South Coast Controls

As an entity that is growing in today’s less than favorable economy, we understand that when you are looking for a quote on a system you often need it quickly. Sometimes when quick quotations are provided, a price can often be inflated and is based off an estimation rather than an actual cost.

We here at South Coast Controls have spent numerous hours working with our top suppliers to ensure that we develop a system that allows our quoting team to provide you with not only a quick response, but better yet with an accurate and competitive bid. By working side by side with major manufacturers such as Siemens, Allan Bradley, Automation Direct, etc. in addition to our highly competitive rates on fabrication, engineering and programming…

You will receive a fair and balanced bid on every quote you receive from us.

Appearance can speak volumes about a company’s product. Many times we tend to judge a book by its cover, and we understand that our cover is our systems. With that in mind, we take designing our systems very seriously. Our engineers and technicians work together to lay out our control panels as methodically as possible, including placement of larger parts such as variable frequency drives and transformers. When product arrives for a build our technicians will lay out all material on the inner panel to ensure that there is no need for adjustment in panel size and that all products are present. Once completed our engineers will review the layout, and make any other adjustments as necessary prior to approving the design and incorporating it into the jobs auto cad drawing package.

This method has been utilized by our company for the last 20 years, and has helped us design some of the most professional looking control panels on the market today.

Originally just a division of our sister company Coast Pneumatics, our company was founded on the principle of engineering thanks to our head engineer Scott McLain. When he first started with Coast Pneumatics, it was quickly recognized that his capabilities could be better used elsewhere. When the late owner of Coast Pneumatics Inc. recognized this, he broke his namesake Harry Ellis Jr and Scott off into a separate venture. South Coast Controls was developed and quickly became one of the elite control panel engineering corporations in the market. Now entering 30 years of service, we stay true to our foundation by focusing on engineering systems that others simply cannot do. Our engineers on staff are elite in the industry because of their consistent dedication to their own development, knowledge and experience within the industry.

Let us engineer your next project and show you why South Coast Controls is your #1 choice for control panel engineering.

We know that control panel fabrication companies exist in abundance, and therefore you have many choices on companies to use. With that in mind we here at South Coast Controls want to make sure you are given a reason to separate us from our competition consistently. We achieve that through our highly professional and quick turnaround time on the fabrication of your control panels. From professionalism in the layout to cleanliness in the wire routing, we simply provide you with a product that makes us proud and that we would want on our application. In addition to the professionalism of the panel, we also have a quick turnaround time on projects allowing us to help customers meet their deadlines without worry.

This has been our proven method to success and has led to our high retention rate of previous customers who consistently return with new projects. Let us fabricate your next system.

When you entrust a company with fabricating a control system, you want assurance that your system will work as you need it to. Here at South Coast Controls we understand that any issues in the field can lead to a heavy increase in costs, disgruntled clients, and possibly the loss of future opportunities. With the value we have on our customer service, we take all precautions necessary to ensure that the system we provide you with works to the specifications provided. This can be through smoke testing for basic panels, all the way to scenario testing for higher level systems. When these higher level systems come into play, our engineering team again shows their strength by engineering a mock test that replicates the functions your system will perform. With customized testing, we know that you will be able to rest easy when delivering our system to your customer without issue.

Let us show you why our advanced testing protocol works better than our competition’s.

When it comes to couriers, not only is it costly, but often there is a major risk on your products safety from damage. Most couriers have very loose handling restrictions and practices such as double stacking, quickly loading and heavily loaded quotas it can be tough for you to have a ton of confidence in your system arriving unharmed. With these thoughts in mind our management team made the decision to invest in a company delivery truck to help reduce unnecessary stress from our customers.

If your project or warehouse is located close to Orange County, California then you’re in luck. Simply ask your sales representative for details on this service and let us take out the hassle of finding a courier for you.