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“Ultimately, it comes down to taste.” – Steve Jobs

            Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder who would eventually lead the company out of near bankruptcy years, was asked in a 1995 interview, “What is the difference between Apple and Microsoft, and how do you know what’s the right direction?” He took a moment to think, looked up and said, “Ultimately, it comes down to taste.” He proceeded, “It comes down to exposing yourself to the best things humans have done, and then incorporating those things into what you are doing. The way we’re going to ratchet up our species is to take the best and spread it around, so everyone grows up with better things, and begins to understand the subtleties.”

         Here, at South Coast Controls, we subscribe to Steve Job’s notion of taste. Fabricating and building custom control panels to better align with the specifications and tastes of our customers is our specialty. We build with any electrical hardware that the customer wants, and provide expert support throughout the entire process. As an engineer driven company with multiple engineers on staff, there is no system requirement or request that we cannot meet. We work endlessly to locate the very best people, brands, products, inspirations, and innovations from around the tech industry, and integrate them into our business in such a way that renders each more valuable. South Coast Controls is not just a control panel shop, we are a control panel and automation solutions provider.

         As a panel partner to two of the largest manufacturers in the industry, Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation) and Siemens, we are more versatile, and have access to more products than any other panel house in the industry! Our value-added partners, such as Coast Pneumatics, have allowed us to engineer solutions for fields like the medical industry, and helped us to assure our customers that we have a variety of connections and resources to assist in meeting their every need. South Coast Controls goal is to continuously improve, and expand by incorporating new components and techniques into the business in ways that enhances our ability to satisfy customer’s tastes, and provide products and services that are not able to be duplicated. From electrical to pneumatic, we are the control panel fabrication company for you.

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