By: Taylor Ellis  l  April 6, 2018

 South Coast Controls has been engineering and providing control panel solutions to the entertainment and amusement park industry for years! We have and continue to work with major brands, such as: Disney, Universal Studios, and Knott’s Berry Farm! We have built fully automated, electro-pneumatic, and electro-mechanic control systems, and much more for these popular/world-wide companies! These entertainment moguls entrust in South Coast Controls to build what they need, and we absolutely and consistently deliver!

 Sophisticated and complex systems are the heart of Disneyland and other theme parks’ attractions and animatronics. All of your favorite Disneyland rides; Splash Mountain, Cars Land, California Screamin’, Soaring Over the World, you name it, and there is a control system that assists in its operation. Control and automation systems maintain and analyze the status of its application to assure that the attraction performs accordingly. They oversee operations throughout the entire park, launch rides, synchronize audio to robots to match sounds with visuals, prevent passenger carts from colliding, and much more. Without these systems, theme parks and other forms of entertainment alike would struggle to operate safely and efficiently, and eventually fail to keep up with consumer and industry expectations. Our engineering and control systems are so entrusted that Disneyland and other theme parks rely on us to assist in the function of their every day operations, and keep park-goers safe!

 Whether it is amusement park rides, robotics, or water features, the need for reliability, performance, functionality, and the meeting of safety standards is always critical. System downtime or failure can cost companies like Disney hundreds of thousands of dollars, and potentially bring on negative publicity or lawsuits if dangerous conditions are presented. At South Coast Controls, we understand that these are priorities, and that is why all of our systems are 100% tested prior to delivery. Our engineers test in a variety of ways, such as: smoke tests, scenario tests, and even complete mock tests to assure our customers that their system will arrive and perform as expected upon arrival. With multiple electrical, mechanical, and programming engineers in-house there is no system requirement or request that we cannot meet!

Not only have we gained major projects like these because of our testing processes and standards, but we also have quicker turnaround times than our competitors! Our value-added capabilities and partnerships with top brands in the industry, like Siemens and Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), allow us to have access to resources and lead times that others do not! Although Disney first showed interests in us because of our speed, the deal was truly sealed when they visited our panel house. When Disney came to South Coast Controls, they were pleasantly surprised and impressed by the size of our building, layout, and staff! Once they took a tour of our production floor, machine shop, inventory room, and the rest of our 23,000 square foot facility, they knew that we were the team for them. From simple to complex systems, Disney trusts South Coast Controls to build timely, high quality products that will keep their attractions and riders safe!

 South Coast Controls is a proud control panel and automation system provider to Disney, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, and other major brands, like Amazon! Let our team engineer your next project, and see why these globally-known brands always return to and rely on SCC Systems! Visit our Projects Page to learn about other projects and our value-added capabilities.




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