Steinhauer ModCenter: Automating Our Building Process

steinhauer modcenter

Steinhauer ModCenter Advantage

The Hoffman Steinhauer ModCenter is recognized as the most versatile automated modification solution for the machining and building of control panels and enclosures. The Steinhauer ModCenter automates the traditional, lengthy and costly, process of control panel building, such as but not limited to: measuring, marking, drilling, tapping, milling, etching, and much more on any material control panel or enclosure quickly and consistently, including explosion proof. The modification center that South Coast Controls has acquired, the Steinhauer ModCenter 293, is the top of all models sold, allowing us to modify even the largest of control panels and enclosures. With best-in-class cutting speeds and repeated precision, cutouts and holes are completed in minutes rather than hours reducing our, already superior, turnaround times. South Coast Controls is confident that with the Steinhauer ModCenter 293, combined with our extensive expertise and value-added capabilities, we are no match for the competition.

steinhauer modcenter

Features & Capabilities

With the Steinhauer ModCenter 293, there is no longer a need to worry about slightly misaligned push-buttons, deburing, and all the other lengthy processes or unavoidable issues that can occur when using the traditional methods of control panel building. Improve the efficiency, productivity, and precision of your operations with South Coast Controls and our automated modification center.

The Steinhauer ModCenter 293 is equipped with features, such as:

  • Ability to measure, drill, mill, tap, etch, and more

  • Repeat-ability of specified cutouts

  • Linear guides to ensure the highest level of cutting accuracy

  • Ball screw spindles to deliver precise holes and cutouts

  • Ability to convert CAD data to CNC form

  • Dual processing, enclosure and mounting panel at the same time

  • Capable of cutting a variety of materials, including explosion proof

  • High frequency spindle drive

  • Precise and fast materiel processing

  • State-of-the-art controls and technology


The Steinhauer ModCenter 293 provides South Coast Controls with capabilities to:

  • Increase production

  • Heighten quality and consistency

  • Improve efficiency

  • Decrease lead and turnaround times

  • Increase flexibility

  • Decrease human error and safety concerns


For more videos, visit our YouTube channel: South Coast Controls YouTube


Question: Why the Steinhauer ModCenter for South Coast Controls?


Answer: Dedication.

Our acquisition of the Steinhauer ModCenter 293 symbolizes our company’s dedication to our customers and the quality of products that we produce. With South Coast Controls, we can guarantee that as your company and needs grow, we can grow right along with you.



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