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UL 508A Certified Control Panel

UL 508A certification is an industrial control panel directive sought by electrical inspectors. The UL 508A Listing Mark on an industrial control panel provides evidence of third party certification to the purchaser and the municipal inspection authority of the panel. A UL 508A Listing Mark on a control panel means it complies with the industry’s acceptable safety standard.

According to UL.com, an industrial control panel is “defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 409.2 as an assembly of two or more power circuit components, control circuit components, or any combination of power and control circuit components.” – taken from ul.com

Control panels can be completed in two ways: in an enclosure (enclosed type equipment), or arranged onto a mounting panel (open type equipment). The assembly is installed in an enclosure provided by a third party, or at the installation site for open type equipment. All outdoor enclosures or cabinets manufactured at South Coast Controls that carry the UL 508A Listing Mark are classified as enclosed type and comply with the applicable requirements for outdoor panels noted in the UL 508A standard.

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