About South Coast Controls

          Family owned and operated since our inception in 1986, South Coast Controls Inc. has always had incredibly active participation from our owners. Founded by two best friends from high school, Harry O. Ellis Junior and Scott McLain, South Coast Controls began as a small business that has grown into an incredibly successful value-added panel shop. Today, both owners are still active, and the next generation of the founding Ellis family play various roles in the company, such as: selling, marketing, and purchasing. We believe that our personal investment and involvement within our company is what has helped South Coast Controls excel into our most profitable years to date!


        South Coast Controls is not your average panel shop, we are a control panel engineering and automation solutions provider. As an engineer driven company with multiple engineers on staff, there is no system requirement or request that we cannot meet! We provide technical and engineering support throughout the entire process – before, during, and after! At SCC, we completely fabricate control panels along with custom programming and much, much more! Also, as a panel partner to some of the largest manufacturers and brands in the industry, like Siemens and Allen Bradley (a.k.a. Rockwell Automation), South Coast Controls provides value-added capabilities, and has access to resources that the competition does not! Whether it is quoting, designing, engineering, fabricating, testing, or delivering – WE DO IT ALL!


Control Panel Engineering and Fabrication

In loving memory of

Harry O. Ellis Senior

Until his passing in 2014, Harry O. Ellis Senior played a very active role within the South Coast Controls organization alongside his namesake, Harry O. Ellis Junior. Knowledge, dedication, communication skills, and work ethic were a few of the many characteristics he instilled in the company and our employees. Building a successful company and all things business were second nature to Harry Ellis Senior. Each and every day, at South Coast Controls, we are inspired by his legacy and work to keep it alive.

Advantages of South Coast Controls

As an entity that has continued to experience growth, we understand that our customers often need a quote or system done quickly. Many times, when quotes are provided quickly, price or prices can often be inflated because it is based off an estimation rather than an actual cost, but not with South Coast Controls!

South Coast Controls spends numerous hours working with our suppliers to ensure that we can develop a system, and provide a quote quickly that is not only accurate, but also a competitive bid. By working side by side with major manufacturers and being a panel partner to brands, like Siemens and Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), in addition to our highly competitive rates on fabrication, engineering, and programming, you will receive a fair and balanced bid on every quote you receive with us! We are the control panel engineering and fabrication providers for you!

Appearance speaks volumes about a company and a product. Many times we tend to “judge a book by its cover”, and we understand that our “cover” is our systems. With this in mind, we take designing systems very seriously at South Coast Controls. Our engineers and technicians work together to lay out our control panels as methodically as possible, including placement of larger parts, such as variable frequency drives and transformers. When a product arrives for a build, our technicians lay out all material on the inner panel to ensure that there is no need for adjustment in panel size and that all products are present. Once completed our engineers review the layout,  make any other adjustments as necessary then approve the design and incorporate it into the jobs auto cad drawing package.

This method has been utilized by our company for the last 20 years, and has helped us design some of the most professional-appearing and reliable control panels on the market today!

Originally  a division of our sister company Coast Pneumatics, our company was founded on the principle of engineering thanks to our head engineer and one of our founders, Scott McLain. When the late founder of Coast Pneumatics, Harry O. Ellis Senior, noticed Scott and his son, Harry Ellis Junior, were building control panels in the back of his shop, he proposed a separate venture for the two. That is when these two best friends since high school, Harry Junior and Scott McLain, opened South Coast Controls. The company quickly developed into a value-added provider, skilled in areas that other control panel businesses lacked. With highly experienced engineers, programmers, technicians, and other employees, South Coast Controls offered capabilities such as: complete support, quick turnaround times, in-house testing, and much more. Today, South Coast Controls provides even more value-added capabilities. We are a panel partner to some of the largest manufacturers and brands in the industry, like Siemens and Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), which helps us ensure that we have the access to resources that others do not!

Let us engineer and build your next process, and we will show you why South Coast Controls is your #1 for control panel engineering and fabrication!

As we know that control panel fabrication companies exist in abundance, there are many companies to choose from. With that in mind, here at South Coast Controls, we want to assure you that you are given every reason to separate us from the competition when it comes to products, performance, and services! We achieve this through our highly educated team, and quicker control panel engineering and fabrication turnaround times than our competitors. Our control panels are fabricated based on a logical layout, look incredibly professional, and are wired cleaner than any other control panel we have seen to date. We fabricate and build systems as if we are building them for our own applications, each and every time!

This has been our proven method to success, and has led to our high retention rate of previous customers who consistently return with new projects! Let us fabricate your next system!

When you entrust in a company to fabricate and build a control system, you want the assure that your system will consistently work as expected, and is built in a thoughtful and methodical manner. Here, at South Coast Controls, we understand that any issues in the field because of a system glitch or failure can lead to a heavy increase in costs, disgruntled clients, and possibly the loss of opportunities. We pride ourselves on customer service, and take all precautions necessary to ensure that our systems work to our clients specifications. All of our systems are 100% tested before delivery. Whether it is smoke testing or scenario testing, our engineers and team always test the system. When higher level systems are brought to us, our engineering team does a mock test that completely replicates how the system will perform. With customized testing, we know that rest is assured for our customers.

Let us show you our advanced testing protocol, and how it is better than our competitors!

When it comes to couriers, not only is it costly, but there is often the risk of your products safety. Many couriers have incredibly loose handling restrictions, and practices such as: double stacking, quickly loading and uploading, and much more. It can be tough to have confidence that your system will arrive unharmed with many of their couriers. With this in mind, our management team made the decision to invest in a company delivery truck that would help reduce these risks and ease our customers minds. We deliver local to the Orange County area, call today to see if we can deliver to your area (888) 308-9226!

Trust that you can depend on our team to deliver undamaged and unharmed systems!