Amazon Facility Motor Panels

amazon control panels
Powering conveyor belts is one of the many ways a mogul, like Amazon, is able to run facilities and orders effectively and efficiently. We are incredibly proud to say that we have completed a build of 22 identical control systems for Amazon! The control systems were designed to power their conveyor belts in sections stretching every 8 feet. This helped reduce the load taken on by the motors running the belts, provided more control, and allowed for easy maintenance. Major companies like Amazon entrust in us to build top quality products that are reliable, dependable, and perform to expectation! There is no system requirement or request that we cannot meet! Let us show you why we are the control panel engineer team for you! Click Amazon Facility Motor Panels for more details

Theme Park & Entertainment Control Systems

Control and automation systems are the heart of animatronics and attractions for theme parks and all forms of entertainment alike. You name it, all of your favorite rides have a sophisticated system to assist in the performance and safety of its operations. Whether it is a roller coaster ride or water attraction, South Coast Controls is a top system provider to many theme parks around the globe.  Without control and automation systems, it would be a struggle for parks in this industry to operate efficiently and effectively. From electro-pneumatic to fully automated control systems, South Coast Controls is entrusted by some of the most popular theme parks around the world to provide dependable and reliable systems that keep theme park-goers safe and rides functioning! To read more, click here.

Serving the U.S. Military

United States Military

Another one of our largest and most notable customers is the United States military! South Coast Controls is proud to assist our military whenever they need our team and services! Camp Pendleton, in San Diego, California, had an issue with their MRI machine room in the Naval Hospital that is on base. MRI machines are massive pieces of medical imaging equipment that cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, and have extensive costs when any damage occurs. When the controls for the seals that seal off the Naval Hospital’s MRI room were not functioning properly, the U.S. Military called on South Coast Controls to reliably and dependably repair those controls! In less than 3 hours, our team had the seals functioning properly, and our military was processing patients through their MRI machine once again!

International Panel Provider

control panels
Control Panels are utilized around the world for a variety of different applications. South Coast Controls has been fortunate enough to contribute to several international projects! With our water feature and petrochemical system expertise, our control panels are located in several countries outside of the United States. We are proud to be an international provider, and enjoy seeing our work on a global-level! Whether your application is down the street or across the world, South Coast Controls is the control panel team for you!

Water Features

Water Features
High quality and appealing water features have established themselves as major attractions, some even on a global level. For example, the widely visited Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas Nevada. To bring that show to life and like many other water features, there is much equipment needed, specifically control systems and automation equipment. Some water features can require up to dozens of control systems that house  thousands of dollars worth of advanced automation parts. Click to see control panels that we have done for Water Feature applications!

Mass Fabrication and Testing

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One of our many specialties has been the ability to perform mass fabrication and testing for clients. With some clients, such as utility based companies, you need to have dozens of panels built that are identical and tested to the same specification. These jobs cannot leave the facility without 100% confidence that the panel was built and tested to expectation due to the nature of the application. Major utility companies such as SoCal Edison, Metropolitan Water District, and SoCal Gas have utilized South Coast Controls for contracts involving mass fabrication, and all have returned with more projects since! This confidence in our company is maintained by our ability to ensure that every panel that goes out does so defect free, and is built 100% to specification. Click Mass Fabrication and Testing abilities to see examples of jobs we have done!

Environmental Management

control panels
Control Panels are utilized in a wide variety of fields, such as: amusement parks, hospitals, construction sites, and much more, and in a variety of different ways. From equipment utilized in these fields to the monitoring of specialized equipment, a control panel can be found virtually everywhere. One of the newer fields that has become more relevant is environmental management. Whether its cooling or heating temperature controlled applications, you need to trust that your system is 100%  reliable and can handle harsh conditions. That is where our experts come in! Click Environmental Management Project to learn more about how we help!

City Services

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Have you ever wondered how cities manage the numerous services that they provide to the homes in the area? All the utilities they are responsible for managing, monitoring, and servicing? Control panels are the answer, and they are everywhere within a city’s utility system. Without control panels, it would be incredibly difficult for cities to operate in the way that they do, and hinder their ability to provide for such a large amount of homes, businesses, and more. We have provided systems to several cities including local ones, such as: San Diego, Big Bear, and Fullerton. Click City Services to see what we have provided!

Fuel Purification

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Control Panels play an integral role in the fuel purification industry. They provide the brains for the system to operate correctly, and assure the end user that their application is safe. In addition to all of the piping that is needed, a way of monitoring the system is also necessary. Our programmers engineered a program that is entirely touch screen operated, which provides the visibility of the systems operation and allows errors to be resolved quickly and seamlessly! Click to see a sample Fuel Purification Project!

Customized Systems

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One common trend within the control panel industry is customized systems. While virtually every system is custom to its application, there are some that are a little trickier than others. We have built our reputation on performing builds of systems that others may have felt were too complex and/or impossible to fabricate. That is who we are, and is the reason why we have built our company into the machine that it is today! Click Customized Systems Projects to see samples of our work!