Amazon Conveyor Build


Project Highlight: 22 identical control systems to assist in the operation of Amazon conveyor belts

Project Description: Major companies, like Amazon, need conveyor belts to run operations effectively and efficiently. Behind all conveyor belts is a control system. South Coast Controls completed a build of 22 identical control systems for Amazon, the e-commerce mogul! These control systems were designed to power their conveyor belts in sections stretching every 8 feet to help reduce the load on the motors running the belts, and allow for easy maintenance. With a company like this, there is no room for mistakes, and all systems need to operate identically. When systems fail in situations like this, it is incredibly costly and inefficient, which is why the need for dependable and reliable systems is huge. Our expert engineers and teams help ensure that our systems are completely functioning before they leave our floor. Each unit we produce is individually tested to verify that it performs to specifications. We build products as if we were building them for our own applications! We use the best products and brands in the industry, and have partners that enhance our value-added capabilities. Amazon and other major companies entrust in South Coast Controls because we have consistently delivered quality performing products on every job we have been given. There is no system request or requirement that we cannot meet!

Exceeding our customer’s expectations is one of our biggest specialties and has been key to our growth!