Camilla Phase Converter


Project Highlight: Existing 120 VAC line to 480 VAC conversion

Project Description: In this project, our customer was in need of 480 VAC, but were working out of laboratory with existing 120 VAC. We then created a phase converter that allowed them to run their existing 120 VAC line into our system, and run the necessary 480 VAC from that allowing them to save money, prevent any reconstruction of existing systems, and operate under normal working conditions without interruption. Our specialty is engineering solutions for our customers. With multiple experienced engineers on staff, there is no system requirement or request we cannot meet! This is how we excel past our competition, by engineering solutions as opposed to recreating the wheel as others may do!

When a customer has an existing electrical system that does not supply all of the voltages needed to operate, they turn to South Coast Controls for an engineering solution!