Customized Control System


Project Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Project Highlight: A customized control system that utilizes a rig that was welded with 2-inch piping to meet the demands of the customer, including a custom made purification tank

Project Description: Sometimes, there are systems that carry a larger than life appearance to them. This could be due to equipment that is needed, the conditions of the environment, or any other number of factors. Regardless, South Coast Controls always makes a vision into reality, no matter how large. For this job, we completed a customized control system that was intended for international use for an industrial purification system! This panel was completely customized based on the requirements that were needed. From the rig that it is built on to the enclosure that houses internal components, it was all fabricated and built by our engineers and team. Extensive work went into every aspect of this system. Our experienced engineers even wrote a special program for this custom panel! They are highly trained in PLC (programmable logic controller) programming and Touchscreen development, and use top quality brands like Siemens and Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation)! We work hard every day to assure our customers that we can meet their every need, and provide value-added capabilities that our competitors lack. Whether it is fabrication, design, engineering, programming, or all else that is associated with control systems and automation, South Coast Controls is the ultimate provider for you! Let us show you why our customers entrust in and rely on us! For more projects that we have done internationally, click here!

Our panels are 100% tested for design, functionality, and performance! The next time you need a control system completely fabricated, contact South Coast Controls! To learn more about projects that we have done internationally, click here!