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Project Highlights: Fully automated, electro-pneumatic, electro-mechanical, animatronic, and other control system solutions for top names in the Entertainment and Amusement Park Industry!

South Coast Controls has been providing control panels and automated systems to brands in the entertainment industry since its founding. Entertainment moguls like Disney, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios, all count on South Coast Controls to reliably serve them and their massive audiences! We engineer solutions and provide control systems for a variety of applications. When Disney visited our panel house, they were incredibly impressed with the size of our facility, value-added capabilities, staff, and turnaround times. Whether it be bringing a ride, robot, or water feature to life with entertainment systems, South Coast Controls can do it all. We engineer, design, and fabricate control system solutions, and much more!

Whether it is Cars Land, Harry Potter World, Xcelerator, you name it, and all of your favorite rides and attractions have a sophisticated control system to assist in its operation and performance. Without control and automation systems, theme parks and all forms of entertainment alike would struggle to operate, and keep up with consumers’ expectations. Essentially, these types of systems are the heart of these theme parks rides and animatronics. Disney, Knott’s, Universal Studios, and more entrust in South Coast Controls to assist in the function of their every day operations, and keep theme park goers safe. All panels and entertainment systems that we build are 100% tested prior to delivery. When higher level systems are brought to us, like animatronic and entertainment systems, our engineering team does a mock test that completely replicates how the system will perform! With customized testing, smoke testing, scenario testing, and more, we know that rest is assured when we tell our customers that their system will perform upon arrival, and meet their safety standards. From simple to complex systems, South Coast Controls continues to provide Disney and other entertainment moguls with reliable and consistent systems that perform above and beyond expectations!

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