Fuel Purification


Being a dynamic engineering based company has opened the door to many great opportunities. With our staffs’ high level of experience and knowledge, we have tapped into industries that we would have never even thought about. Fuel purification and petrochemical applications have contributed majorly to our growth as a company, and we are proud to provide to new industries like these!

For nearly 10 years we, here at South Coast Controls, have been serving hospitals, international locations, military applications, transport facilities, and many other establishment with highly advanced fuel monitoring systems. Approaching 2,300 built systems over the past 10 years, South Coast Controls has excelled in the market for fuel purification and petrochemical applications. Not only have we maintained customer service and production, but also have streamlined our process by increase productivity while decreasing overall build cost. If you are looking for cost savings with bulk system production, and need a company that has experience in working with these type of industries, then South Coast Controls is the team for you!


fuel purification