Otay Landfill

PROJECT NAME: Otay Landfill

Project Location: Chula Vista, California

Project Highlight: Customization of systems including PLC programming and Touchscreens

Project Description: The Otay Landfill job highlights our municipality experience here, at South Coast Controls! The specific application for these systems was to control 7 methane gas relief valves at the landfill. In this job, we customized several aspects of systems, including both an advanced PLC program and an entirely customized HMI Touchscreen display! The PLC and Touchscreen worked to allow workers to view information and run operations without any issues. Because of this jobs location in relation to our warehouse, once this panel was complete it was packed, and loaded onto our company truck to be hand delivered to the job site! Since we were able to directly deliver, we were able to assist this customer with their application, and provided savings by using our transit method! Our engineers are highly skilled with PLC programming and Touchscreen displays, and provide support throughout the entire process!