Custom Enclosure Modifications

Still Drilling & Taping Your Enclosures? Save Time & Money With Our Steinhauer Mod-Center!

Our ModCenter is recognized as the most versatile automated modification solution for the machining and building of control panels and enclosures. Our ModCenter handles enclosures up to 93.7” x 86” and back panels up to 92” x 94”. Let us help you automate the traditional, lengthy, and costly, process of control panel building. No more measuring, marking, drilling, tapping, milling, etching, deburring, or re-checking your enclosure modifications.

South Coast Controls makes modifying your enclosures easy.

We can help you…

Decrease lead times
As one of the largest control panel houses in the U.S. we have long established relationships with the top enclosure brands in the world. SCC can source your enclosure, modify your enclosure and build you custom control panel all in one place!
Reduce Costs
By automating the traditional labor-intensive enclosure cut-outs you will save big on labor, & time and in return increase your bottom line
Improve Quality
With precision repeatability, we guarantee quality for every enclosure we modify. South Coast Controls was founded on quick turn around times and quality and we have the UL and ISO certifications to prove it. UL508a, UL609a, UL1203, & ISO 9001

Watch our ModCenter in Action