Remembering Harry Sr.


June 7, 2017 marks 5 years since the passing of our founder, Harry O. Ellis Sr. He remained active in our day to day operations up until his passing, and still resides with us in spirit. His warming smile, positive attitude, and desire to teach his staff is something we have all embraced and continue on within our companies. He is survived through his legacy and by his loving wife, Carole, who is still an active owner within his company, as well as his son and namesake Harry O. Ellis Jr., daughter Michelle Williams, and 5 grandchildren. Both of his children and five of his grandchildren are actively participating in our company today to ensure that his legacy lives on for generations!

Starting off as a partner in a small distribution company based in Chicago, it did not take long for Harry to realize there was more potential for him in the world beyond distribution. He left his partnership and Chicago behind, moving with his family by car to beautiful Southern California in hopes of starting his own business. In the beginning, he had a single distribution line to start his new company with, Coast Pneumatics Inc. Business quickly grew, becoming a multiple line distributor he knew something great still lied beyond the horizon. Coast Pneumatics began to branch out by kitting and performing value-added assembly work for major Medical Device manufacturers including Beckman Coulter, Alcon Labs, and Carefusion, medical industry moguls!

Shortly after the start of Coast Pneumatics, Harry Senior’s son, Harry Ellis Jr, and friend, Scott McLain, began building control systems in the back of the building. Harry Senior saw the potential in entering this type of market, and assisted both Harry Jr. and Scott in starting a new business which would later be known as South Coast Controls. Harry Senior’s vision was to have a total solutions company. Once this was realized, he knew that making South Coast Controls a sister company to Coast Pneumatics was the perfect start to that vision. Today, Coast Pneumatics and South Coast Controls are two companies that work together to provide customers with a one-stop destination for all of their electrical and pneumatic needs! After 40 years of hard work and commitment, Coast Pneumatics and South Coast Controls have surpassed Harry Senior’s vision, and work every day to continuously grow by embracing the vision of our pioneer, Harry Ellis Senior.

In memory of Harry O. Ellis Senior and the legacy that he leaves behind, South Coast Controls donates to the Hospice of America Foundation. Our belief is that the members of hospice make up the very best of humanity and embody all that is good, these amazing individuals supported our family during Harry Sr.’s passing. To show how grateful we are for them or if you have received help from Hospice, assist us in donating today and thanking them for all of their amazing work!