Big Bear Lake City

Project Name: Big Bear Lake City Maintenance

Project Location: Big Bear, CA

Project Highlight: A large system to support Big Bear’s city maintenance work including a large scale touchscreen and an attached temperature control unit.

Project Description: Recently we fabricated control systems for the city of Big Bear. These panels were to assist with their utility service management systems. Due to the nature of a city like Big Bear, with varying weather and these systems being located outside we had to accommodate all of these factors. One major feature this system has is the temperature controller unit located on top of the enclosure. In order to keep the interior of the panel at optimal operating conditions and protect the components inside we had to install a high end air conditioner/heater onto the system. With our highly skilled design, engineering and fabrication team we were able to do so without compromising the systems exterior ensuring that this unit will operate at top capacity for years to come.