Customized System

Project Name: Industrial Purification System

Project Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Project Highlight: A customized system that utilizes a rig that was welded with 2-inch piping to meet the demands of the customer. The purification tank was also custom made for this job.

Project Description: Some systems carry with them a larger than life appearance. It could be due to the equipment being utilized, the conditions that they are located in, or any number of factors. Regardless we always make a point of making visions a reality, no matter what. In this example we performed fabrication on a system intended for international use. This panel was designed for Mexico City, Mexico and was completely custom designed based on the requirements they needed. Everything on the system was custom built from the rig the system is built on to the enclosure that houses it. Countless man hours went into every aspect of the systems design for functionality and performance, the program written by our engineers was highly complex and took hours to write, and the test rig used for this had to be custom built as well. We are extremely proud to share this project with you.