How is our Control Panel Fabrication different?

Control Panel Fabrication by South Coast Controls

Engineering Driven

As a control panel fabrication company founded on the principal of engineering, we know it’s the driving force behind our business. When it comes to electrical, pneumatic complete control panel fabrication we are the team for you.

Professionally Fabricated

Our control panels are fabricated by a highly experienced and trained team. We know that as a control panel fabrication company we are judged on our output, and we take that very seriously in every aspect of our product including cosmetic.

High Quality and Performance

Our systems are 100% tested prior to delivery so that we can make sure they work as stated in the scope of work. This includes engineering mock test outputs so that we can visually see the system work as needed.

Electro-pneumatic Systems

Partnering with our sister company Coast Pneumatics Inc. has allowed us to engineer solutions for fields including the medical field. All pneumatic driven systems need an electrical system to drive them, we can help you with both!

Touchscreen and PLC programming

Our engineers and programmers on staff have been trained on building Touchscreens and PLC Logic for multiple major manufacturers including Siemens. There is no system requirement we can’t meet so let us take care of your control panel fabrication needs today!